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Gateways to Transformation Retreat Center - Bed & Breakfast

Gateways Bed and Breakfast Crawford CO

Our beautiful farm setting is located outside of Crawford Colorado, 15 miles north of Paonia.

We are walking distance from Needle Rock and central to many natural areas to explore including: West Elk Mountains, Crawford State Park and the Black Canyon National Monument.

Breakfast and lunch is served daily in the Full Moon Bakery and Eatery on site. We have many accommodation options to choose from.

Accommodation Options

All rooms $200 per night.

  • The Elk House, 5 bedroom large house - 2 queen rooms, 3 double bed rooms, includes large kitchen, laundry, living room, 2 bathrooms.  Can be rented as a whole house or single bedrooms. (Bedrooms are upstairs; not handicap accessible.)
  • The Coyote House, 2 bedroom small house - 2 single beds in each room, living room, kitchen, 1 bathroom and laundry. Can be rented as a whole house or single bedrooms.
  • The Moose House, 1 bedroom apartment - 2 double beds, full kitchen, private bath, laundry and living area. (The bedroom is upstairs; not handicap accessible)
  • The Hummingbird House,1 bedroom small apartment - queen bed, kitchen, laundry and private bath.
  • Camping is available. (We do not have RV parking or hookups.)

Additional Amenities

All guests also have access to a small weight and exercise room and the yoga & dance room. The gardens, greenhouse and orchards are open for walking and snacking depending on what is in season. The art studio is available for $25 per day.

Call for reservations: (303) 859-7385

Elk House

elk house bnb 5 bedrooms

Coyote House

coyote house bnb 2 bedrooms

Moose House

Moose house BNB 1 bedroom

Hummingbird House - Virtual Tour

Pets & Horses - We love animals!

Certified therapy dogThere are dogs, cats, horses, ponies, goats, alpacas, chickens, ducks and rabbits living on the farm. We are an official Arabian Discovery Farm.  We welcome pets, but because we have so many furry and feathered friends living here, we have specific rules that must be followed.

  • The maximum number per guest or group is 2 dogs or cats.
  • We charge damage fees and also cleaning fees for any mess left inside or outside.
  • Pets must be leashed at all times when walking around the facility or moving from your car, room or to play areas.
  • Pets are never allowed in any of the other animals' areas.
  • If your pet is out of control or constantly barks you may be asked to leave.

Where pets are allowed:

  • If you rent the entire Elk House or the Coyote House you may bring your pets into the house and let them enjoy the whole space.
  • Pets are allowed in the Hummingbird house.
  • Pets are allowed in the Moose House and it has a fenced yard for pets. Be aware that other guests may be moving in and out of this yard to access the Art room.
  • There are two large dog play and training areas.
    • This area is available for use by all guests with pets. Clean up after your pet. Be aware of others that may be using the area. We run a companion and service dog training program, so if you see someone in a dog training activity then please do not enter.
  • An indoor kennel is also available.

There are miles of roads to walk around the property and BLM land as well as National Forest land is nearby.

Horse Boarding

There are 2 stalls available in our barn where your horses can stay overnight. Guests who are boarding horses can also use the arena if there is no horse activity in progress. ($100 per stall per night.)


Alcohol and Smoking

As a retreat center this is not a place to come to for a drinking party. Overly loud guests will be asked to leave. We do allow alcohol inside the Moose House, Hummingbird House and in the Elk House and its patio if you have rented the whole house, or inside the Coyote house if you have rented the whole house.

Cigarette smoking is only allowed on the patio of the Elk House or Coyote House if you have rented the whole house. Otherwise, please take a walk away from the facility and enjoy the mountain views. Vaping is allowed outdoors only.

Smoking cannabis is not allowed anywhere in the facility.

Our goal is to ensure that guests who are on retreat are not exposed to influences which would disturb them, be respectful and responsible.


All reservations are taken over the phone, so please call: (303) 859-7385

We are located outside of Crawford, in Delta County Colorado

Our location is 15 miles north of Paonia and 12 miles north of Hotchkiss. On average, there are 246 sunny days per year in Crawford. This is a relatively high-altitude location at 7000'. Western Colorado is a dry region averaging less than 15 inches of precipitation per year. We get an average of 44 inches of snow in the winter and very warm summer days. Spring and fall are especially gorgeous!

Some highlights of the local region:

    • Needle Rock Natural Area - Due east of the farm, you can't miss it!
    • West Elk Mountains - spectacular Rocky Mountains due east of the farm.
    • Black Canyon National Monument - A stunning deep canyon to the south.
    • Crawford State Park - right next door a fishing and boating recreation area.
    • Gunnison River - world class fishing and rafting.
    • North Fork River - a gentle river to the north that provides water for regional farming.
    • Grand Mesa - the largest flat top mountain in the world is 30 miles to the north.
    • The Town of CrawfordSmall town with old west roots.
    • The Town of PaoniaOrganic farming hub with scenic wineries and small town arts & crafts.
    • The Town of Hotchkiss - Rural farming and ranching hub.