Certification Programs - Certifications of Advanced Learning

Our certification programs are for life coaches, therapists, or anyone who wants to experience, synthesize and then develop something of their own in the world.

All certification programs are offered year-round. Enrollment is open so the course can be started at any time.

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Equine Training Internship with Equine Assisted Learning Certification

Learn horse handling, riding and training skills from basic level to advanced. This forms the foundation for either training your own or others horses, as well as Equine Assisted Learning and psychotherapy skills, if that is your goal.

Each participant will work with and ride horses 4 to 5 days a week depending upon weather. They will also learn horse care including cleaning stalls, feeding, grooming, ground work & exercising.

The participation of each person will be tailored to their specific needs. A six month to one year commitment is optimum, but other time frames are available. Certifications will be tailored to what a participant has done in that program.

All participants for this program are responsible to carry their own insurance.

Ecotherapy with Equine Assisted Learning Certification

This 5 part certification course includes experiential session and training in these areas:

  • Equine and animal assisted therapy
  • Somatic Eco-therapy
  • Eco-Art Therapy
  • Energy Psychology Therapy
  • Outdoor Wilderness and Adventure Therapy

Each level of the course builds on the last, but it is not required to complete all 5 levels.

Companion & Service Dog Training Program

Do you need a Companion Dog or Service Dog for Trauma or Anxiety issues?  Our program is open to apply and do training to become certified in this area. Weekly training sessions available.

Coming soon:

  • Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning Certification
  • Ecotherapy Certification for therapists and life coaches