Gap Year Programs in Crawford Colorado

Taking a gap year is a great way to transition from one path to the next.

The most common gap years are after high school before college, or after college before grad school or starting a career. But a gap year can be useful any time we need a break or are making a transition in job or career.

Gateways to Transformation offers two distinct Gap Programs:

For artists 18+ who are ready to dive into their future as a professional artist. This program will have plenty of time for creative work and development, but will also focus on business development and support toward building a successful career.

This program is for anyone 18+ who is struggling with the transition from home or school to independent life. With the help of professional counselors and life coaches you will playfully explore the options ahead of you. In a supportive environment we will build confidence, life skills and vocational skills.

The Power of the Gap Year

Gap years are a great way to take a break from academics. Whether you are burned out or just wanting to learn about yourself outside of a school setting, a gap year is a great way to make the time and space to explore.

Formal academic education doesn't always cover the skills and tools needed to navigate day-to-day life. If you are hungry for a more experiential hands-on experience and recognize that you might have 'blind spots' when it comes to life beyond the home and academics, then a gap year can be a great way to fill in some of those blanks.

Academic pressure and burnout can get the best of us and taking the time to recharge, refocus and rediscover inspiration can have a profoundly positive impact.