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Join us on a 40 acre scenic farm just outside of Crawford, CO. We have worked hard to create a retreat & learning center that is unique, lovely and peaceful. We believe that many need a warm and welcoming space to learn and grow in, which is the basis of our organization. Come out and experience the tranquility of our beautiful healing farm country. We offer rich and varied opportunities for you to experience deep change both within your self and in society as a whole.

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Our Mission

Gateways To Transformation, LLC exists to serve the world. To en-courage new leaders in thought and to help shape shift our individual and collective consciousness, so that each person who comes here, finds a way to transform their world in the way that they need to do it for their continued growth.

We believe and engage in deeply transformative work, so we are organized to offer you many different tools to enable you to open up your latent capacities and re-energize your capacity to move yourself forward towards your potential and that of the world as you become more able to see yourself as part of a larger whole.

We expose dogma and explore beyond those borders, encouraging each person to be-come a major catalyst in their own right as the world transforms around you and you transform the world into a more sustainable, loving, caring place to be.

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We cultivate a harmonious relationship with nature in consideration for those here now and those that will follow.  We take responsibility as stewards of this land. Our farm and gardens promote healthy land, water, animals and people.  

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Change within ourselves and our community is important to us. We are more than just a farm and retreat center, we promote unique seminars, workshops and festivals.

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We are devoted to our community and creating a better life for ourselves and society. We support local businesses.