Come Teach What You Love at Gateways!

Event and Workshop Presenters at Gateways To Transformation, LLC

Gateways to Transformation, LLC engages in events and workshops that encompasses the width and breath of spiritual growth, intellectual growth of all kinds, somatic practices, sustainable living methods & modalities that can move you towards an integrated realization of the human potential.

Gateways is looking for workshop & event leaders, whose integrity and skill embody the highest standards of practice that encourage personal, social, and environmental transformation.

Are you an experienced and innovative Instructor? Does what you want to teach align with the goals at Gateways? Check our past events and workshops and if so, we would love to hear from you.

A workshop outdoors

Prospective Event or workshop proposals:

Please send us a workshop proposal as a way to introduce yourself and to engage with us in the possibility of doing an event or workshop at our retreat center. We are actively looking for presenters who align with our values to present their work here.

Events and workshops at Gateways are selective and chosen based upon a number of factors, including mission alignment for personal and social change, subject relevance and uniqueness, presenters experience, exposure and expertise as well as space availability. We schedule at least a month in advance.

Please submit a proposal if you wish to be considered to teach or present at Gateways.

Presenters will be charged 25% of all event and workshop intake for the ability to present their work here. This includes our building flyers for all events or workshops if necessary, marketing those events on our site and several others as well as any normal marketing that the presenter wishes to do on their own. The presenter living onsite if needed while doing an event or workshop here, free meals while here, The art studio, dance studio, and 40 acres of area outside to do their work here. All workshops that are not certificate classes for Permaculture, will be available to Rites of Passage clients to attend and will be paid for by Rites of Passage LLC.