Therapy Category: Adults

Postpartum Depression & Anxiety Therapy Program

New moms have a lot to be anxious about, and its normal to have some fears during and after pregnancy, but if your fears are escalating into depression and increasing anxiety and attachment issues, it is time to seek help. Through Counseling sessions and learning new skills, you can move yourself and your child into a more relaxed and loving space in your life.

Failure to Launch Syndrome Therapy Program

Failure to Launch Syndrome Program A Twelve Week Program for 18 and overLimit 8 people to a group. Alisha Adrian LPC/Life Coach Jenn Berger Life Coach This program can be done as a regular program (not reimbursed by insurance) , as an outpatient program (meets three times a week for 3 hours each), or as […]

From Victim to Victory Therapy Program for Renegotiating Trauma & PTSD

Have you been living with symptoms of extreme trauma in your life? Symptoms like the inability to sleep, anxiety attacks, hyper vigilance, flashbacks to previous traumatic experiences, control and trust issues? If theses symptoms are present in your life, this is the program that will help you :

Heroic Journey – Transformational Change & Growth Therapy Program

Are you at a transitional / transformational point in your life? Going away to college, moving out on your own, getting married  or divorced, looking at changing careers or trying to see what else you want to be or perhaps already are becoming?

Moving through Grief to Growth Therapy Program

If you have been experiencing extended grief over the loss of a loved one and are still encased in the symptoms below, this program can help.

Gaming Addiction Therapy Program

Are you struggling with the need to cope with things that stress or trigger you, using gaming to escape from this reality? With the combination of addressing underlying trauma issues, (triggers), that cause you to need something to numb you out and an experienced staff who also addresses this issue in a residential treatment center successfully.