Long Covid Rehabilitation Program


3-6 month program

Program Leaders:

Alisha Adrian - LPC/Life Coach

long covid rehabilitation

Utilizing a staff of licensed therapists, occupational therapists, a psychiatric nurse and collaborating with Dr Gwendolyn Diaz, AyD, Gateways to Transformation’s intensive Long Covid outpatient program can help our clients to heal.

The components of this program include a combination of medical management, occupational therapy and mental health therapy to initiate a holistic complete management and recovery from Long Covid. This program was built and expanded upon successful outcomes in the UK and Europe and includes several segments so as to treat the whole person.

Healing for this dis-ease has to be incremental and unhurried. If rushed, the client can overwhelm or crash in a way that leaves them physically, emotionally, and cognitively exhausted. Working closely with the psychological counselors, occupational therapists, and medical staff allows the client to be monitored closely to ensure the best healing outcome.

Step One: clients are onsite in transitional living accommodations during the crucial first month (sometimes longer if needed). Clients work with all therapy and medical staff at this time.

Step Two: This step includes either a less intensive onsite four day a week routine with therapists and medical staff, or alternatively, tele-therapy online for 4 days a week M-Th to continue sessions and help clients successfully move back into their lives.

Step Three: includes both occupational therapy and counseling therapy. This step down is a support group that meets approximately once a week to go over what is and isn’t working for clients and what they can do to optimize their lives after Long Covid.

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Long Covid Rehabilitation Program Downloadable One-Page Flyer Including Pricing

Accommodations On-Site:

Private rooms as well as semi-private, available with lovely views all around on 40 acres of scenic land outside of the small town of Crawford Colorado.

Clients have access to a well-stocked art room, dance studio with excellent acoustics, and opportunities to engage with an active farm at Gateways to Transformation.

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