Gaming Addiction Therapy Program


A Twelve Week Program for Teens  12 - 18 and over 18. Limit 8 people to a group.

Program Leaders:

Alisha Adrian - LPC/Life Coach & Jenn Berger - Life Coach

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Are you struggling with the need to cope with things that stress or trigger you, using gaming to escape from this reality? We will address underlying triggers or trauma issues that cause you to need something to numb you out. Our staff successfully works with this issue regularly in our residential treatment program and will teach new skills to help you move into your own recovery and start to participate more fully in your own life again.

This program includes:

  • Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Experiential Sessions
  • Mind-Body Neuroscience Workbook for Addiction
  • Relapse Trauma Therapy
  • Relapse Gaming Therapy
  • Why is this happening to me again - Text
  • Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention Workbook
  • Gaming Disorder Skills Workbook

Program Cost and Duration

This program can be done as an enrichment program which is not reimbursed by insurance. To be reimbursed by insurance the program can be taken as an Outpatient Program which meets once a week for 3 hours per session,  or as an Intensive Outpatient Program which meets three times a week for three hours per session.

How to Sign Up

Please reserve your spot by calling Alisha Adrian at 303-859-7385 or email or fill out the Contact Form.