Permaculture at Gateways

Earth Care

Caring for and making choices that benefit the soil, water, air and all living things. 

People Care

Positively starting with the basic needs of the individual and extending to community and culture. 

Fair Share

Equitably distribute the surplus and regulate consumption so that the earth and people's needs are met.

Permaculture Design fits perfectly with the mission of Gateways to Transformation, LLC


We are actively using permaculture methods to develop the farm. When we purchased the land it already had been used for many years for livestock and growing hay. It has many structures in place, irrigation and other systems that we are updating and adapting to a more diverse and regenerative way of working on the land.

Some systems, animals and elements that are  on the farm and under development:

  • Annual gardens
  • Forest Gardens
  • Functional landscaping
  • Windbreak/wildlife hedges
  • Ducks, chickens
  • Horses - Important for our therapy program
  • Goats, alpacas
  • Dogs - therapy/companion animals
  • Drip irrigation upgrades
  • Living spaces and learning spaces
  • Greenhouse
  • Camping and guest accommodations
  • Workshops and events, many learning opportunities
Basemap and Conceptual Design
Basemap and Conceptual Design

Evolution of the Terrace Gardens

In addition to working on our own permaculture design and developing the property we offer on-going permaculture classes to our clients and the larger community.