Gateways to Transformation’s Gap Year Artist Program!

This program is for artists 18+ who want to turn their work into something real right now. People who want to start doing their work and get it out in the world. People who want to explore how and where they do their best work as well as how to turn it into a business.

In this program we will be doing a lot of experiential exploring, as artists of all kinds, this includes time for doing your own work, as well as gathering inspiration through art excursions and having guest experts visit for intimate, real, productive conversations and demonstrations.

At Gateways to Transformation on staff we have artists, counselors, and life coaches skilled in helping people to move forward and get their lives started in the art field. This includes looking at the executive function skills needed to stay focused and productive, taking care of your physical and mental health as an artist, networking and utilizing your artist community for creativity and feedback, to helping you put together a website for your work and marketing tips. The program culminates in an Artist Walk at our retreat center as an opportunity to share your work with a larger community.

This gap year program is available for high school graduates, artists in college with burn out issues and for people transitioning from another type of work into the art field to experience stepping into this life and lifestyle in a safe atmosphere.

This program runs for three-months, six-months or a year and costs $6000.00 a month for the artist gap year program & transitional living space with organic food provided. Some travel may involve additional costs. It can be joined at any time.

This program can be signed up for and entered at any time. Come experience the depth of what you can be in this program and start your life as an artist in your chosen field. You can expect some travel and camping as part of the program depending upon the time of year.

This is a substance and weapon free retreat center or call 303-859-7385 for more information


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