Companion or Psychiatric Trauma Service Dog Training Program

Gateways To Transformation’s Companion & Service Dog

Training Program is now available to the Public!
Do you need a Companion Dog or Service Dog for Trauma or Anxiety issues? If you have a dog who is very socialized with both people and other dogs, cats etc. Our program is open to apply and do training to become certified in this area. Training sessions meet twice weekly for two months for Companion dog training to be registered.  Three to six months to graduate with your service dog and be registered.

Contact Gateways to Transformation at to sign up for this ongoing program or call 303-859-7385 and speak to Alisha Adrian.

Ongoing Cost for Programs:

Companion Dog Level $500.00 a month for two months and approval and certification by a therapist if the client and dog have done all the work required.

Service Dog Level $500.00 a month for three to six months work for good citizen training and additional service dog training certification by a therapist.

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