Transitional Living Program For Young Adults

What is Transitional Living?

Our transitional program offers structured therapy for individuals who need a place to live.  Therapy sessions, wellness sessions and life-skills programs are combined and clients have freedom to come and go. This is different from residential treatment where care is provided 24 hours a day in a closed campus with a psychiatrist on call.

Who can benefit from a transitional program?

Transitional living is beneficial for young people who are struggling to live independently, are unwilling to leave home or have dropped out of college because of mental or emotional issues. Some of our clients come into transitional living after completing a residential treatment program. Other clients would like to stay out of residential treatment but need structure and therapy. In cases of failure to launch and executive dysfunction, transitional living is for those at a moderate level of concern. People entering our transitional program benefit from a safe and supportive place to live where they participate in a variety of therapy sessions.

What kind of program is it?

We take a holistic approach that includes mental, emotional and physical health. Clients resolve inner obstacles, build self-confidence, and learn life skills with the goal of living independently when they exit the program. Therapy is rewarding, but also requires a willingness to participate, show up and make change.

Our rural farm retreat setting in Western Colorado is not only beautiful, but far removed from distractions that tend to pull people back into old habits. Clients live in semi-private rooms in one of the well appointed houses on campus. Physical health and wellness activities include exercise, good organic food, and time outdoors.  To create balance, we include and encourage fun activities and creative expression. Arts, crafts, music and dance are also a part of daily life.

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A Two-Phase Approach toward Independent Living

Phase one -  A three to six month therapy intensive

The first phase of the program is focused on mental health therapy and includes 20 hours per week in session. The sessions are run by Colorado licensed professional counselors. Psychiatric support is available as an optional add-on. We start by evaluating what areas are most relevant to each individual and create a therapy plan that will evolve as progress is made.

Some common areas that our clients address in therapy include:

  • Building self-esteem and self-compassion
  • Building executive function to better plan and make key decisions
  • Equine assisted psychotherapy for self-awareness, impulse control, communication skills, and building trust
  • Overcoming trauma
  • Dealing with addictive patterns and forming healthy habits

Physical health and wellness are key to balancing ourselves mentally and emotionally. These sessions and activities include:

  • Healthy organic diet, cooking and gardening
  • Getting good sleep
  • Movement & exercise: dance, yoga, wilderness hikes, mind/body walks
  • Relaxation and unwinding
  • Connecting with nature, people and animals.
  • Creative expression & arts

Vocational training and education work:

  • Finish high school and GED
  • Online college courses (optional add-on)
  • Exploring career interests

Phase 1 of the Transitional Living Program for Young Adults is a therapy program and is considered outpatient (OP) level of care. As a Standard Outpatient Program, some insurance providers will cover the cost of the therapy, but not the living space. Please contact us to discuss insurance options.

Call for more information: (303) 859-7385 or Contact Us.

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Phase 2 - The Quest Gap Program - A three to six month Transition Program for Independent Living

When the client, parents and therapists agree it is time, the client will move into the next level of our Young Adult Transitional Program. We call this the Quest Gap Year Program. The Quest is a journey of self-discovery. This phase is about life experience, life skills and vocational exploration.

This program can be joined as a stand-alone gap year program and is open to all young adults 18 and up who are on the cusp of transitioning to independent living, pursuing a vocation or onto higher education.  The young adults in this program may still be overcoming mental or emotional issues and are mentored by licensed therapists and life coaches. Therapeutic sessions are included but these are not structured therapy as in Phase 1. The focus is on building skills, self-confidence, and hands-on experience.

The goal of clients who join the Quest Gap Year Program is to emerge ready for the next phase of life. The program is for young people who want to overcome bad habits, find out what holds them back, gain self-confidence, learn to plan and make decisions. We create a supportive container of a therapeutic retreat center with structure as well as freedom for participants to complete their own quest and find a path into life.

Learn more about the Quest Gap Year Program

Call for more information: (303) 859-7385 or Contact Us.

(Note: Insurance will not cover the Quest Gap Program.)

For residential treatment visit our sister program Rites of Passage.

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