Therapy Category: Transition

Heroic Journey – Transformational Change & Growth Therapy Program

Are you at a transitional / transformational point in your life? Going away to college, moving out on your own, getting married  or divorced, looking at changing careers or trying to see what else you want to be or perhaps already are becoming?

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Heroines Journey Therapy Program

Are you concerned about your daughter, niece, or other young women losing their spirit, spark or self-esteem as they enter and pass through adolescence and move towards adulthood? The Heroines Journey Program helps girls learn how to be their own heroine instead of depending upon others to take care of them or tell them what to do.

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Hero’s Journey Therapy Program

Are you concerned about your son, nephew or other young men in your life as they try to fit into the current societal norms? The Hero’s Journey Program helps boys begin to experience and develop positive living skills while enjoying themselves. They will explore skills, which are vital to their healthy growth to become the creative happy person that They all want to be in their own way.

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