Moving through Grief to Growth Therapy Program


A Twelve Week Program for Teens 12 - 18 and Adult (Separate Programs). Limit 8 people to a group.

Program Leaders:

Alisha Adrian - LPC/Life Coach & Jenn Berger - Life Coach

woman resting with a horse

If you have been experiencing extended grief over the loss of a loved one and are still encased in the symptoms below, this program can help.

This program addresses:

  • Continued disbelief in the death of the loved one, or emotional numbness over the loss.
  • Inability to accept the death.
  • Feeling preoccupied with the loved one or how they died.
  • Intense sorrow and emotional pain, sometimes including bitterness or anger.
  • Unable to enjoy good memories about the loved one.

This program includes:

  • Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Experiential Sessions
  • The Grief Recovery Handbook - Text
  • I wasn’t ready to Say Goodbye - Text
  • Relaxation & Stress Reduction - Workbook
  • Mindfulness for Anxiety - Workbook
  • Therapy sessions with others who are also in need of a community who understands what they are going through
  • Therapy Dogs in sessions except with horses

Program Cost and Duration

This program can be done as an enrichment program which is not reimbursed by insurance. To be reimbursed by insurance the program can be taken as an Outpatient Program which meets once a week for 3 hours per session,  or as an Intensive Outpatient Program which meets three times a week for three hours per session.

How to Sign Up

Please reserve your spot by calling Alisha Adrian at 303-859-7385 or email or fill out the Contact Form.