Failure to Launch – From Failed to Fulfilled Program


A Twelve Week Program for 18 and over (Separate Programs). Limit 10 people to a group.

Program Leaders:

Alisha Adrian - LPC/Life Coach


This program is a therapeutic intensive outpatient program (meets four times a week for 4 hours each) Monday through Thursdays. Transitional living spaces available if needed at additional cost.

Failure to Launch Syndrome is happening. Are these the symptoms you are dealing with in your life?

  • An unclear life purpose
  • Little to no ambition or concentration toward a career
  • Procrastination toward the next step in life
  • Unrealistic job expectations
  • A lack of energy or motivation
  • Seemingly not caring about money or seeing the benefits of earning it
  • An inability to tolerate stress
  • A preference toward being alone or regularly excluding oneself from what others are doing.
  • Existential crisis about the world issues
  • ADHD or executive function issues

Levels of Concern:

Failure to launch is closely related to difficulties with executive function and there are three levels of concern which we discuss in the Failure to Launch and Levels of Concern article.

As the levels of concern escalate we have different programs that we recommend.

  • The level one program is our Quest Gap Program 
  • The level two program is the current program on this page which can also be taken as an Intensive Outpatient Program.
  • The level three program requires residential care and we would refer you to our sister organization: Rites of Passage

This program includes individualized sessions:

  • Equine Assisted Psychotherapy
  • Failure To Launch
  • Breakdown Breakthrough
  • Why is this happening to me again
  • Power Passion & Purpose
  • Risk and Growth Workbook
  • Your Life on Purpose
  • Find Tour Passion and Purpose
  • Emotional Intelligence Workbook
  • Executive Function Workbook

Transitional Living

Transitional living beds are available if a client chooses to live onsite while doing this program as opposed to living at home and driving in each day. The cost for transitional living is $6000.00 a month and includes organic healthy food and a semiprivate room (two beds) in a luxury house on property.

Cost and Payment

This intensive outpatient (IOP) program can be paid for with a cash scholarship amount of $12,000.00 a month for a four-month program or can be paid through insurance reimbursement by submitting receipts for the program to insurance for repayment. If you are planning to do this, please check with your insurance carrier to make sure that they will accept our program for reimbursement.

Signing Up

To sign up for this program or one of its extended versions, call Alisha Adrian at 303-859-7385 or contact us. This is an ongoing program, and you can sign up for it at any time.