The Quest - A Gap Year Program for Self-Discovery

Gateways to Transformation’s Gap Year Program THE QUEST

Your Own Heroic Journey Moving into Your Next BEST Part of Your Life!

This program is for anyone 18 years or older who is struggling with leaving their high school, entering college or living independently. If you feel you need support and positive structure to overcome bad habits, gain self-confidence, or make a big transition this program may be for you. Transitions can be intimidating if you don’t feel sure of yourself or what you want to do in the world.

This gap year program is all about gaining the skills to live successfully on your own. Here you can find and begin to move towards the next positive step in your life.  We create a structured but playful environment. We think it is important to find a balance between enough structure and support to overcome your challenges and enough freedom to be creative and enjoy the process.

If you are struggling with a 'Failure to Launch', want to build executive function skills, or aren't finding self-sufficiency in life, the Quest Gap Program can help you find the most hopeful, secure way to become who you really want to be in the world.


GAP Year Program - Learning to Launch
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Uncover your dream and move toward achieving it.

With the help of licensed counselors, life coaches and community experts you will discover and make progress towards your future goals. Stepping out on your own is a victory of self confidence.  This is "The Heroic Journey" a world renowned model of transition and transformation. The 'Hero' goes on an adventure, overcomes adversity and emerges victorious and transformed.

The program is run by counselors skilled in transitional therapy, however the focus is not on therapy, but on self-discovery; building life and vocational skills. We help provide both supportive guidance toward the future and the direct experience of life on your own.

Our facility is a beautiful rural farm setting nestled on the west edge of the Rocky Mountains. In addition to life on the farm, you can expect time in the wilderness and some travel, camping and exploring the local rural communities.

This gap year program is available for anyone 18-25 who feels stuck, undecided or is challenged by a transition to the next phase of life.

This program runs for three-months, six-months or a year and costs $6000.00 a month for the Quest gap year program & transitional living space with organic food provided. Our base location is a 40 acre retreat center with gorgeous views at 7000 feet in the Colorado mountains.  Some travel may involve additional costs. Enrollment is ongoing and you can begin 'The Quest' now or at whatever point you are ready.

Frequently asked questions:

  • When should I apply? Applicants are reviewed on a rolling basis.
  • When does the program start?  This program has ongoing enrollment.
  • How many people are usually in each gap program? Not more than 8 at a time.
  • When is tuition due and how much does it cost? A deposit of $1,000.00 is due within two weeks at acceptance. The rest is due when you start the program. Cost is $6,000.00 a month and commitment is three months. You can sign up for consecutive gap programs if you choose to stay longer than a three month period.
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Timing, Duration and Cost Details

This program runs in an ongoing cycle of 3 month increments starting when you arrive.

The cost is $6000.00 a month, billed monthly. Transitional living space and organic food is provided. Our base location is a 40 acre retreat center with gorgeous views at 7000 feet in the Colorado mountains.  Some travel may involve additional costs. Enrollment is ongoing.

A Gap Year in a Therapeutic Environment

At Gateways to Transformation we are familiar with the challenges facing young adults who struggling to thrive. The Quest Gap Year program was born from the desire to help young adults transition into adult living, but who don't want or need a therapy program. We also run Transitional living and Residential therapy programs to help people deal with all kinds of mental and emotional issues.

It can be frustrating to feel stuck when we know we have the capacity to function on our own. Some young adults are also struggling with depression, digital addiction or social anxiety, all of which can exacerbate the challenge of establishing an independent life or taking the next step to follow life goals.

We embrace the diversity of human expression, gender expression and racial, spiritual and cultural identity.

We are a substance and alcohol and free facility. Weapons are not allowed on the property at any time.

Are Ready to Join the Quest Gap Year?

For teens and young adults, 18 and over

This program is geared to help you experientially learn how to take care of yourself in the world; how to navigate the cycles of change in your life. You will also explore the types of work that interest you and look ahead to what your next step in the world will be.

The program includes:

  • Learning and practicing daily life skills in a variety of ways. Trying new things to do and see who you see yourself being capable of becoming.
  • A vocational component to help you find what you want to do and be in this next phase of your life, including shadowing and being mentored if needed in that type of job to explore it more fully.
  • Fun stepping out and being in nature while learning how to find your community and become part of it successfully in a small safe group setting.

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