Workshops - Fun, small group learning adventures!

 Our menu of 'On-request' workshops can be custom booked for your group or start when four or more people have requested it.

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We welcome leaders to share their workshops or events, learn more here. 

These workshops are available at any time for groups of 4 or more.

If you don't have a group of 4, please contact us to express your interest and we'll put you on a list and contact you when a workshop is scheduled.

Transformation Workshops:

  • 21st Century World Shamanistic Healing Modalities - Journey Work and Soul Retrieval Training
  • Indigenous Healer Heritage Workshop - 2 day
  • Drum Birthing Workshop - 2 Day
  • Life Symbols Workshop - 2 Day
  • Making tools that align with your indigenous heritage or one you are attracted to - 2 day
  • Wild Woman, Wild Man Dream and Vision Workshop - 2 Day
  • Reiki Attunement  - Training Levels I, II, Master and Karuna
  • Jin Shin TARA - basic holding point trainings on meridian lines
  • Traveling Workshops - Come explore the big energy centers and vortexes in the world and work on ourselves and the planet for healing and growth at each spot - A different area will be chosen for each journey as we move around the country and the planet.
  • Transformation Workshop #1 - The Quickening Workshop - 2 Day
  • Transformation Workshop #2 - Fire in the Belly Transformation Workshop through the energy of the Horse Totem! - 2 Day
  • Transformation Workshop #3 - Shape-shifter Transformation Workshop - 2 Day
  • Transformation Workshop #4 - Cave of the Bear Totem Workshop - 2 jday
  • Transformation Workshop #5 - Chakra Totem Teachers Workshop - 2 Day
  • Transformation Workshop #6 - Winter Solstice Indigenous Heritage Work - 2 Day

Permaculture, Gardening & Sustainability

  • Introduction to Permaculture Design  - 1/2 day, 1 day or 2 day options - What is permaculture and how can it make your life better?
  • Principles of Sustainable Design -  1 day focused workshop on the Principles of Permaculture. Tools you can use every day.
  • Forest Gardening Intro - 2 day workshop on how to garden like the forest does.  From choosing plants & building soil to long term maintenance.
  • Permaculture Design Certificate Course - 72 hours full PDC, a 12 day course.