Heroine's Journey - The Next Step

For adult women who need help finding and making a NEXT STEP

Are you at a place in your life where you are looking at making a huge change?

Does it feel like you are standing at the edge of a high cliff and there is no net to catch you if you fall? Whether it is from a recent divorce, a choice to make a difference in the world, children leaving home, or burnout from a career or job - you want to know where to go from here. This program is a combination of therapy, coaching and experiential learning and we designed it for you.

You are not alone. You won’t lose everything when you allow yourself to explore your passions.

You can become more instead of less. More able to love yourself, which allows you to connect and love others, animals, the environment around you, and the world. Allowing this love and connection enables you to open up to the next steps and we as therapists, life coaches and mentors are here to take that journey with you.

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Gateways to Transformation offers The Next Step Gap Year Program for women

The focus of this complete adult transitional program is to accompany you on your unique journey. To help you know you are not alone as you explore what you can become; to make sure you stay healthy as you take the daily small steps towards doing it. As well as to accelerate your movement forward into a life that you want to live.

In this therapeutic retreat you have a community, and we are a group who have worked together in many types of therapeutic venues, so we have the caring and expertise available to do this work well.

This is a singular journey but with a community who cares and will be there for you as you find your way through this journey of the soul.

This program is offered in three-month segments, but can be continued, as needed.

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It is a customizable program comprised of the components below to suit you and can be adapted for other needs as well. The program is set up to both help you move forward and to involve you in things you may never have done before, to increase self-esteem and confidence as you build new strengths and move into finding what you want your next part of your life to become.

  • Heroine’s Journey mentoring sessions
  • Neuroscience trauma therapy video sessions and mentoring
  • Risk and growth sessions
  • Emotional intelligence sessions

Wellness sessions start with “How to be Well – the 6 keys to a Happy and Healthy life.” by Frank Lipman, MD

  • Healthy organic lifestyle diet
  • Sleep patterns
  • Protect your body from damage
  • Move your body - Somatic movement sessions, dance, yoga, wilderness hikes mind/body walks etc.
  • Unwind - Caring for your mind body connection
  • Connect with nature, your four and two legged friends, and other humans

Ecotherapy sessions – reconnect with nature, attachment issues and patterns addressed Ecotherapy includes:

  • Wilding - wilderness immersion experiencing
  • Animal and equine immersion
  • Equine assisted therapy sessions
  • Transpersonal ceremonial celebrations of rites of passage
  • Dance, yoga, movement immersion
  • Music
  • Art immersion
  • Self-esteem and self-compassion mentoring
  • Grief mentoring
  • Experiential daily practice stepping into new life skills
  • Mentoring - Burnout to finding your next path, practiced daily
  • Life skills: continued development, accountability, and direction
  • Safe risk and growth elements are worked into all segments of this program

Vocational group sessions and Vocational Mentoring

  • Shadowing
  • Volunteering
  • Finding new Work
  • Online outside courses at participant’s additional cost.


  • Psychiatric medication management is optional and is at additional cost but is available if requested.
  • Potential companion/service dog program available at additional cost. More information.


We (the staff) have all gone through these heroic journeys ourselves, sometimes multiple times, and we are available to be there for you on your own unique journey from now to what you are ready to become next. Call to schedule a tour or with questions or fill out our application online and submit to apply. This program includes transitional living onsite, organic food and has a rolling entry and can be started at any time.

Cost $10,000 monthly. Invest in the rest of your life, don’t let it pass you by. You’re worth it.

We welcome all female identifying persons into this program.

*Insurance can not be billed for living arrangements. However, a super bill can be provided with therapist and therapy sessions for clients to file with their insurance.

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The Next Step program is situated on our forty-acre permaculture retreat center on the western slope in Colorado at 7000 ft in the Rocky Mountains.