Equine Internship & Equine Assisted Therapy Certification

This Internship program at Gateways to Transformation, LLC is designed to teach basic to advanced horsepersonship, horse training and equine assisted learning and psychotherapy practices as utilized at this center.

Each intern will work with horses daily, from the base of how to handle a horse without harm to the horse or person, cleaning barns, feeding, grooming, riding and exercising horses, cart work with minis as well as Equine Assisted Learning and psychotherapy skills.

The participation of each Intern’s will be tailored to their specific needs. A six month to one year commitment is optimum, but other time frames are available.

All interns for this program are responsible to carry their own insurance and sign waiver agreeing that they are completely aware that they are responsible for their own safety during this program, which is a horse intensive program of both on the ground work, riding and learning the Phoenix Rising Equine Assisted psychotherapy and growth and learning methods used at this retreat center.

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General Goals

The internship program is tailored to individual needs and time commitment of each intern. It is understood that each intern comes into the program with already accomplished different skills and goals, however all interns will be exposed to all aspects of learning available here so as to hone their skills and acquire more variety of ways to do what they already know as well as to learn new skills.

Training Philosophy

Natural horsemanship. All interns for this program are aware that this facility cocreates this program with horses, we do not subjugate or teach skills that are harmful to the horse in any way. We instead play with the horses, simply making it easier to do what the trainer wants and harder to do what the trainer doesn’t want and learn how they naturally interact in their world and how to work with them safely as cocreaters to accomplish our goals.


The intern will be guided in learning and understanding the essentials of horse training using the Gateways to Transformation, LLC's Horsepersonship techniques. Specific emphasis is placed upon natural horspersonship techniques in training, working daily with and understanding what your horse is communicating to you and how you communicate back in a clear way so that you and the horse work well together as a team in whatever you choose to do together.

This will include:

  1. Learning safe barn work from the ground up
  2. Natural horsepersonship on the ground work
  3.  Natural horsepersonship riding
  4. Natural horsepersonship training techniques
  5. Natural horsepersonship in on the ground Equine Assisted Growth and Learning sessions and Psychotherapy sessions.

Depending upon the proficiency of the Intern, riding skills will be taught. Interns will be given opportunities to ride in round pen, arena and on property.

Intern’s will be given the opportunity to bring their own horse to the program to work with, however that is an extra charge of 200.00 a month, with intern paying for anything beyond the horse being on the property and the intern being responsible for the complete care of that animal. No horse with aggression issues will be mixed with the herd at Gateways To Transformation, LLC. They will be in another pasture.

Living Arrangements and Time Frame

Interns will be charged 2000.00 a month for internship program. Intern’s can pay for program up front, do a payment plan, or work for Gateways To Transformation, LLC to cover their costs in this area as agreed with management. A contract will be completed with specifics for each Intern.

If living on site, the intern will be provided with room and board, including utilities and internet for the time of their internship.

At end of Program, 6 months or 1 year. Interns will be given a certificate of completion for the extent of their work in the internship program and the level of work they have accomplished.

  • Level one, 6 months work
  • Level two, 1 year work

Books and videos for Internship include:

  • Parelli training videos, Level one two and three with practice in all areas as you become more proficient. This is not to be certified through Parelli method but to integrate general skills for working with horses in a safe and equal way.
  • Parelli Horsenality video
  • Parelli Training Video’s 1 & 2
  • Parelli Savy Series Level 2, 3 and 4

Books to read:

  • Bombproof your horse - Sgt. Rick Pelicano
  • America’s Long Distance Challenge - Karen Paulo
  • Imprint Training - Robert M. Miller DVM
  • Starting and running your own horse business - Mary Ashby McDonald
  • Western Training theory and practice - Jack Brainard
  • Starting Colts - Mike Eval
  • Western Practice Lessons - Charlene Strickland
  • Head to Toe Horsemanship - Lynn Palm
  • Internship begins October 1, 2018