Ecotherpay and Equine Assisted Learning Certification

Our goal for this work is to help educate, promote, and support all levels of professionals to become proficient in ecotherapy and Authentic “equine-assisted” work.

Through this work we honor and integrate natural intelligence and ability to grow into your next best self or help heal your issues by working with horses as co-therapists and bring that carry you into other areas of ecotherapy to integrate this into your session work.

Ecotherapy certification image

Level One Ecotherapy Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) Certification - Five day class. $2000.00

  • What is ecotherapy and how does Ecotherapy (EAL) fit into that group of therapies successfully.
  • Ecotherapy includes experiential sessions in the areas of
  • Equine and animal assisted therapy
  • Somatic Ecotherapy
  • EcoArt Therapy
  • Energy Psychology Therapy
  • Outdoor Wilderness and Adventure Therapy
  • What Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) is and how it can help you in doing learning situations experientially for the growth of your client or clients.
  • What are you looking at working with doing EAL sessions in your own work?
  • Growth and learning i.e., moving yourself forward towards your next steps in how you want your life or your next steps at work to go. Sample issues to work with.
    • Starting a business
    • Graduating from college and moving successfully into being an adult
    • Learning how to have a successful relationship
    • Risk and growth in any area
  • Specific issues -  Sample issues to work with.
    • being stuck in your process
    • Working with others to accomplish your goals successfully
    • Communication
    •  etc.
  • From the Horse's viewpoint - Whether you have worked all your life with horses or you have never worked with horses before, if you are trying to interpret what you are seeing in a session and you have not learned to communicate fully with the horses doing the session, you are at a disadvantage and not really utilizing this type of potential. Learning what horses are telling you in sessions, not just what your clients are telling or showing you leaves you with only half the information.
    • Understanding your horse - How horses communicate - body language and energy
  • How to evaluate the whole situation happening in the arena and utilize the experiential component to move your client forward towards what they are trying to accomplish:
  • Out in the arena as a client and a therapist - Practice -
    •  what did you learn doing the session and what did you learn watching others in a session.

Ecotherapy & EAL Certification Level Two - Five day class $2000.00

  • Review of Level one and where you go from here.
  • Problems encountered? Successes?
  • Session practice in the arena and brining that into other areas of ecotherapy
  • Further work with Ecotherapy including engaging in experiential sessions in the areas of
  • Equine and animal assisted therapy
  • includes daily practice with horses in session in the arena and fields. This will be primary.
  • Includes practice with therapy dogs and farm therapy animals in session work.
  • Somatic Ecotherapy
  • Includes different types of somatic movement therapy in nature and in the dance studio
  • EcoArt Therapy
  • Includes art therapy sessions both in nature and in the art room
  • Energy Psychology Therapy
  • Includes energy therapy sessions both in nature and in the healing room
  • Outdoor Wilderness and Adventure Therapy
  • Includes some type of experiential ecotherapy wilderness work appropriate to the season you do certification program and how to bring this into your work.
  • Includes parts of Gateways wilderness program winter, spring, summer and fall types of things you can do all types of the year.
  •  How to integrate sessions in the arena into a larger session or group of ecotherapy sessions to accomplish a successful session or group of sessions for a client.

Level Three Master Program - Five Day Ecotherapy (EAL) Certification Program $2000.00

  • Bringing it all together. How to set up your business and engage with Ecotherapy and Equine Assisted learning as a whole in your practice.

Level Four - Internship at Rites of Passage Ecotherapy Facility - 2000.00 monthly.

  • Practice in all areas of ecotherapy program with clients at Rites of Passage LLC Residential Program or in Gateways to Transformation, LLC Programs.
  • Includes - Worldwide Community Program - traveling and learning from each others perspectives to increase our impact in the world, for the world. Upcoming.

Level Five - Projects we as a commumity of ecotherapy groups can come th together with to make a difference social/enviromental activism Upcoming.

      • Level One of this certification is available to sign up for at any time. Things done in nature will be changed according to the time of year you are coming to do this work. Available all year long.